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Seeing Double at SoundDiego LIVE

Our next SoundDiego LIVE party hits AC Lounge on July 27 with bands, beers and more!



    Seeing Double at SoundDiego LIVE
    Summer Twins
    Summer Twins headline our next SoundDiego LIVE party at the AC Lounge on July 27!

    Come celebrate our 60th free SoundDiego LIVE party on Friday, July 27, at Normal Heights' Air Conditioned Lounge with a twin-tastic lineup and a hoppin' VIP craft-beer happy hour courtesy of our buds at Mason Ale Works!

    RSVP now for SoundDiego LIVE at the AC Lounge on Friday, July 27!

    Summer is officially under way and what better way to celebrate than with a night of incredible live music and free suds next month at the AC Lounge -- which, as its name implies, will be the chillest place to be in the entirety of San Diego when we roll through.

    For the first time ever, we've tapped SoundDiego TV contributor J-Mar -- who moonlights as a guitarist in the band Ethics -- for hosting duties and we're extremely confident he'll have everyone enjoying themselves from the get-go.

    Of course, it also doesn't hurt to have a couple of great bands on hand to get the festivities poppin': For the headlining slot, we've got the Riverside-based, Burger Records-affiliated indie-rock/pop band Summer Twins on board!

    "Dreamy guitars and catchy melodies -- a great pop combination that uplifts the spirits and really brings the 'summer' into their sound," J-Mar says.

    Fun fact: The band just wrapped up a tour with La Luz, another band we adore that you might remember from one of our Summer Splash shows at Harrah's Resort So Cal last year! Nothin' like getting the La Luz stamp of approval!

    To sweeten the deal (and keep the "twinning" theme going), we've also got local electro-pop group Twin Ritual to open. If you've never heard their '80s-inspired, super danceable tunes before, you're in for a supreme treat.

    "One of my favorite local bands," J-Mar tells us. "They have a sound that embraces the groovy bass lines that just want to make you dance."

    Doors open at 7:30 p.m., so be sure to show up early for some happy hour goodness from Mason Ale Works! Remember: You've got to RSVP to partake in the VIP craft-beer happy hour freebies, so get on it: RSVP now for SoundDiego LIVE at the AC Lounge on Friday, July 27!