Operation Christmas Drop 2012 - NBC 7 San Diego

Operation Christmas Drop 2012

For over 60 years U.S. Airmen have taken flight over the islands of Micronesia around Christmas time to drop bundles of donated goods to the 30,000 people who live on the islands that span an area that's the size of Alaska and Texas combined. The pilots and crewmembers who make the drops consider it to be one of the most fulfilling aspects of their jobs. It's a mission they train for and practice over and over again. On some of the remote islands the people have almost nothing. The sound of C-130 engines roaring overhead definitely brings out the crowds as they anxiously await the parachutes that bring packages full of tools, clothing and other much needed supplies. This year there were so many donated items that the Airmen dropped 600 pound packages rather than the usual 300 pound boxes. It's the longest running humanitarian mission in the entire world and that's why this morning it's the participants of "Operation Christmas Drop" who we recognize with our morning salute.