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Police Hunt for Serial Flasher



    San Diego Police
    If you know this man, please call police.

    Police are on the hunt for a serial flasher in Rancho Bernardo and they say he is getting more brazen with each incident.

    The man is exposing himself to women, while peeking into their homes through a window or door, police said. Once he makes eye contact with women he takes off.

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    (Published Tuesday, Aug. 23, 2011)

    The man was last seen last Wednesday morning in the 12000-block of Rancho Bernardo Road.

    On one occasion he stood in a backyard, peering through the patio doors, touching himself while looking at a woman sitting on the couch.

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    Another time, police say the man did the same thing while watching a woman take a shower.

    Investigators are asking for the public's help them catch the man and ask people with information to call police.

    "This is an extremely serious situation," said S.D.P.D detective Gary Hassen. "Somebody's out there exposing themselves, who knows what else they may want to do, or what they don't want to do, or what they don't want to do, but as the city of San Diego we want to talk to this individual."

    The suspect is said to be 18 - 20-years-old, between 5'8" and 5' 10", has a thin build, pale complexion and dark brown short hair. He sometimes wears a Yankees baseball hat.

    Police say if you see him, don't confront him, and instead call 911.