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"One in a Million" Accident: Firefighter



    Jeff Herrera
    A tree came crashing through a driver's windshield and struck him between his legs.

    It was “a miracle” that a dad, who was taking his children to the Natural History Museum, escaped an accident with only minor injuries, according to a firefighter.

    The man, described as in his 40s, was driving on Park Blvd. near the San Diego Zoo around 10:15 a.m. Friday when a tree limb smashed through his windshield.

    “Instead of striking him in the body, the chest or the torso or anything, it just struck him between his legs in the seat,” said Capt. Newell Craig from the San Diego Fire Dept.

    The driver was treated at a Kaiser Permanente Hospital in Grantville and released shortly thereafter, a hospital spokeswoman said.

    “It’s a one in a million or more accident,” Craig said. “By surviving this accident with only minor injuries, it’s a miracle."

    His two children also escaped injury.