Hula Hooping Workers Protest County

Purchase of management artwork seen as ‘misguided’

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    A San Diego worker protests by Hula Hooping infront of the San Diego County Management building

    Public employees Hula Hooped in front of the San Diego County Management building Friday afternoon to protest an expensive statue in the lobby of the building.

    The statue, which cost the administration $200,000 looks like “a bunch of Hula Hoops,” protestors said.

    “We can do the same thing out front here, we want the 200,000 for our healthcare,” said Eric Banks, president of SEIU local 221.

    Workers chanted, “How you gonna cut us if you got a surplus?” while swinging the Hula Hoops at the entrance of the building, located on 5500 Overland Ave. in San Diego.

    Banks said the county’s financial management is misguided, and that the reserves used to fund the statue should be devoted to better healthcare and wages for public employees.