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Comic-Con Souvenirs



    Comic-Con Souvenirs
    Hopefully the red dot won't be moving side-to-side while you toast.

    Sure it’s time to dress up as your alter-ego but you’ll want to bring a whole lotta cash to grab these “must haves” from the pop culture convention.

    TOAST IT: In all its chrome wonder, you’ll love making your Toaster Sticks in this – a pop-up “Battlestar Glactica Toaster” with the face of a Cylon with red glowing eyes. Makes us shiver just thinking about it. Limited edition, of course.

    BAG IT: Get there too late and you’ll miss out on this year’s oversized Warner Bros bags. Check out last year’s in this fabulous dress created by one PowayComic-Con fan.

    CLONE IT: So what if there are 1,000 of them – you know you still want one. The 501st Clone Trooper Bobblehead. Six inches of fun with arms that rotate.