Garage 2 Glory's Schools of Rock

Our Sept. 27 SoundDiego LIVE event at the Propagandist is fast approaching. In case you haven't heard, the event will feature two exciting bands (the Black Sands and Todo Mundo), a VIP happy hour hosted by Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey and, for one lucky winner, a free Epiphone guitar. But, of course, no SoundDiego LIVE event would be complete without our Gargage 2 Glory competition.

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For the uninitiated, Garage 2 Glory pits two bands against each other in an online battle to the death. SoundDiego fans -- that'd be you -- vote for the band they like best, and the winner gets to play our SoundDiego LIVE event. But this month, it's not just a battle of the bands -- it's a battle of the schools.

The Room Downstairs and Counterpoint Culture will vie for Garage 2 Glory supremacy, and each one hails from a different school. The Room Downstairs call SDSU their home, while some of Counterpoint Culture's members hail from USD.

For their part, the Room Downstairs are excited to be a part of Garage 2 Glory.

"We feel very confident about competing in the Garage 2 Glory competition," said band member Max Eckstein. "Though we have only been together for a year and a few months, we've built a small but loyal fan base."

Eckstein views the SoundDiego LIVE event as a chance to expand that base beyond the house parties the band is accustomed to playing.

"The best part of playing the G2G gig is that we will be performing in front of a completely new crowd," Eckstein said. "People who have never heard of the Room Downstairs will get to check us out for the first time."

Counterpoint Culture take a similar view of the competition.

"It’s a great opportunity for us to get our sound out there, and we feel honored to be included," said the band's Andrew Krause. "We really want to make a name for ourselves in the San Diego music scene and this is a good step in that direction."

When asked what the best part of playing the Sept. 27 event would be, Krause did not hesitate.

"The best part of playing the event would be just that: playing," Krause said. "We love to play, to perform. Seeing us play live is definitely a different experience than watching a video or hearing a recording.  It would also be cool to meet many of the great people that promote the local San Diego music scene."

Krause is also excited about the competitive aspect of Garage 2 Glory. "We are excited to face off against our friends the Room Downstairs -- may the best sound win!"

To vote for your favorite Garage 2 Glory band, click here. The winner will be announced Sept. 25.

Regardless of which school's band wins the competition, the Sept. 27 event at the Propagandist should prove educational for all who attend. That is, if you consider listening to great music and drinking whiskey to be educational. (We certainly do.) You can RSVP for the party here.

SoundDiego associate editor Chris Maroulakos is also the managing editor of the San Diego music blog Owl and Bear.

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