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From Pyles With Love: February's Top Shows

With a new month comes a whole slew of new shoes — and who better to be your concert guide than 91x's own Tim Pyles.

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A great man once said, “Hello there ladies and gentlemen / Hello there ladies and gents / Are you ready to rock? / Are you ready or not?” That man? Robin Zander of Cheap Trick. An inspiration — and I say yes, I'm ready to rock! We have one extra night this month, it is a leap year; are you a leap year baby born on Feb. 29? Is that cool or does it suck? Regardless, we got stuff to do so, are you ready to rock? Full disclosure: I booked several of the shows on this list.

Feb. 3: State to State, Shoot the Glass and Manna at the Casbah. This is local music and I booked the show, that is your full disclosure of this night.

Feb. 4: The New Pornographers and Dianne Coffee at the Observatory North Park. Canadian indie rock from a legit super-group, because the members have had epic solo careers.

Feb. 5: Atmosphere at the Observatory North Park or Danko Jones at Brick by Brick. Minnesota hip-hop or Canadian rock & roll. Both are worth it, you pick!

Feb. 6: Glitter Wizard, Mrs. Henry and Monarch at the Casbah. If you need an excuse to rock, then here it is.

Feb. 7: The Classic Crime at Brick by Brick. Heavy rock for fans of Stryper or As I Lay Dying. Do you get the reference or do I have to spell it out?

Feb. 8: The 69 Eyes at Brick by Brick. Finnish gothic rock band that formed in 1989.

Feb. 9: Corporate Citizen, War Fever and Them Cuts at the Casbah. Do you like local music? This is local punk rock...

Feb. 10: The Rough, Fishing for Chips and Hardly Human at the Casbah. Do you like local music? This one leans more pop-punk than last night’s listing...

Feb. 11: Sinead O'Connor at the Belly Up. A legendary artist who has had some mental health issues, so don't miss this opportunity, because ‘nothing compares to Sinead’...

Feb. 12: Dashboard Confessional at the Observatory North Park. Night two from the emo legend — so many emotions, so many tears. Chris Carraba is sooo dreamy.

Feb. 13: Murder by Death and Saintseneca at the Belly Up. Murder by Death’s 20th anniversary tour will include a free zine, selections from their eight albums and you can sing along...

Feb. 14: Sitting on Stacy, Cardboard Boxer, Strawberry Army and Los Shadows at SOMA. I am fascinated by bands that sell out venues seemingly out of nowhere, but then realize, like in the case of Sitting on Stacy, that they are SDSU bands and they have a built-in audience. Besides that, they are pretty good too! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Feb. 15: The Frights at the Spreckels Organ Pavilion. Only one other local band has had this opportunity, and it was Drive Like Jehu. This will go down in the history books when it comes to local music — in the annals of history, on this day, the Frights played Balboa Park...and it's free!

Feb. 16: Jason Mraz at Spreckels Theater. Night two...Jason Mraz Foundation presents “Shine,” a musical adventure with Jason Mraz & Friends and is a collaboration with San Diego arts organizations.

Feb. 17: Moxi and Loon, Snakes and Crows and Overself at the Casbah. Hello, is it me you're looking for? I booked this stellar show, so if you trust my taste, then taste this...

Feb. 18: Sarah McLachlan at San Diego Civic Theater. Remember the Lilith Fair?

Feb. 19: Missing Persons at the Belly Up. No one walks in LA...back in the ‘80s and still today...

Feb. 20: Joshua Radin at the Belly Up. And Friends, Solo Acoustic, Storytelling in the Round...Ben Kweller and William Fitzsimmons are the friends.

Feb. 21: Drakulas at the Kensington Club. When was the last time you were at the Kensington Club? Austin, Texas-based band featuring members of Riverboat Gamblers and Rise Against.

Feb. 22: The Jackets, the Loons, the Lavender Experience and Thee Allergic Reaction at the Casbah. The Jackets are from Switzerland and they are the embodiment of rock & roll; see them and your heart will be forced to engage itself in the tribal rhythms that shake your rump, let's rock!

Feb. 23: Casey Hensley, the Farmers, the Routine and Jimbo Trout at the Casbah. This will be Evan Yearsley's birthday party and that is one stacked local lineup, now if we could just get Mojo to show up...that would make me a happy boy.

Feb. 24: Body Salt, Cheyenne Benton, and Golda at the Casbah. I helped book many shows at the Casbah this month and this one leans pop/alternative, so that is what you would be getting into.

Feb. 25: Thrice at the Observatory North Park.  The early 2000s were an interesting time and when this band excelled with their brand of post-hardcore emo rock.

Feb. 26: Lower Dens at the Soda Bar or Ezra Furman at the Casbah. I feel like if both of these artists were on the same bill, it’d be better than them playing separate shows.

Feb. 27: James Supercave at the Casbah. Lush psychedelic pop-rock from this LA-based band.

Feb. 28: Dr. Dog at the Observatory North Park or the Struts at SOMA. Both are great rock & roll bands and both deserve your attention. Which one would you play air guitar to? Both are acceptable answers.

Feb. 29: Sudan Archives and Velvet Negroni at the Casbah. Part of the Stones Throw family, which should pique your interest enough to check out. And Velvet Negroni has been opening for Tame Impala, no big deal...

That is what I have for you this month, something for everybody, even the Christian rockers. I hope you enjoy perusing and let's make it a point to meet in 2020, you know, at a show! I'm a fan of hugs and high-fives, the higher the better. Also big thanks to all of you that came out to our last SoundDiego LIVE at the Casbah — that was fun and I made a bunch of new friends. Until next time, I'll see YOU at a show!

Tim Pyles, a longtime local who grew up in La Jolla, is the unofficial mayor of local music and hosts Loudspeaker via 91x every Sunday. He also books local acts at the Casbah and the Merrow. Follow him on Twitter @thelocalpyle.

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