How to Find Daily Deals Online

When it comes to online bargain shoppers, the more the merrier!

Tami Wilcox checks her e-mail every morning looking for daily deals. 

"I can usually tell just by reading the subject line whether it's something I'm interested in or not," said Wilcox, a mother of four. 

Wilcox subscribes to sites such sites a and TheDailySave, which both offer different bargains every day.

Amber Price said that some of the bargains come with limitations, though.

"They're only good if 100 people sign up," said Price, "so there have been a few where I've signed up but didn't get the deal because not enough people did."

The social commerce sites continue to grow as online shoppers look for bargains. San Diego State University professor Heather Honea said the sites are driven by group behavior. Honea said the sites create desire by limiting the bargains and setting deadlines.

"If you have a specific focus and there is a clock ticking, or a counter counting up how many people are taking advantage of these things then it creates more of an impulse drive," said Honea.

Here's a lst of Dailiy Deals available online:

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