Fined Chargers Star Still Twittering

Antonio Cromartie has to pay $2,500, agent says

A star player who was fined thousands of dollars for a post about the quality of training-camp foods is talking about his tweet.

Antonio Cromartie was fined $2,500 by the San Diego Chargers after a post last Friday about the fare the Chargers were serving. The offending tweet apparently equated the food quality with the Chargers' failure to reach the Super Bowl in recent seasons.

On Tuesday morning before the tempest in a tweetpot began, the third-year cornerback had just over 6,000 Twitter followers, according to By nightfall, Cromartie had the media following him for comments and an additional 2,000 followers. By Wednesday morning, he had 9,207 followers.

The Charger expressed shock, surprise and amazement talking to the press about the hubbub, reported

"The message to me [along with the fine] was to not say anything bad about the organization," Cromartie said. "I don’t take back anything I said. To me, it was more of a joke than anything else. But some people didn't take it that way. So I have to be careful."

The cornerback said he's a big fan of the Twitter technology.

"I'm on Twitter constantly, as you can tell, I got the laptop right here -- let's fire it up and let's see -- it's on Twitter right now," Cromartie said, laughing. "I mean, that's just me though, man."


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