‘Me Voting in 2016 vs. Me Voting in 2018′: Hilarious Memes Reflect Voters' Attitudes

The tweets show renewed energy and commitment around the civic duty

Angry, fired up and anxious. This is how some voters feel about voting in this year’s midterm elections. They took to Twitter, comparing how they cast their ballot in 2016 during the presidential election to how they’re doing it in 2018.

One post compared a shirtless Leonardo DiCaprio gleefully holding a water gun to the actor portraying fur trapper Hugh Glass in "The Revenant," trying to survive in the wilderness after he was mauled by a bear. 

Another post compared a little dog enjoying the breeze from an open car to a wolf baring its teeth and ready to pounce. 

The “Me Voting in 2016 vs. Met voting in 2018” memes began trending on Twitter a day before Americans were to vote in the first nationwide elections since Donald Trump became president. The tweets show renewed energy and commitment around the civic duty after two years of intensely partisan politics. 

A record 36 million people voted early in the 2018 midterm elections and it’s a trend that is expected to extend into Election Day. 

Early Voting Turnout: 2018 vs. 2014

Just one day before Election Day, 2018 early voting numbers in 27 states have already surpassed early voting in the previous midterm elections, according to data collected by Michael McDonald of the United States Elections Project. Early ballots submitted for six states doubled compared to ballots submitted for 2014.

Click on each state to see the number of early votes cast there so far. Some states may not have data for both years.

Data: Michael McDonald, United States Elections Project
Last updated Nov 5, 2:00 p.m. GMT

Take a look at some of the memes below:

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