Canadians Affected by Wildfire Could Return Home Soon: Premier

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley says the timeline is "conditional"

Some of the 80,000 people forced to flee Fort McMurray because of wildfires may be able to return home on June 1, NBC News reported. 

The timeline is “conditional,” according to Alberta Premier Rachel Notley, who made the announcement on Wednesday.

According to Notley, residents will only be allowed to return if the fire no longer poses a threat, the hospital is open and all roads are reopened. Gas, electricity and 911 service must also be restored, and food and drinking water must be available for residents.

Those who live in the least damaged area will be allowed back first, while others could be back by June 15, Notley said. 

The city was evacuated two weeks ago after fire ravaged an area bigger than New York City.

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