We're No. 9, We're No. 9

San Diego drops in rankings of America's biggest cities

We all know San Diego is considered America’s Finest City, but according to a report released by the U.S. Census Bureau, the city has been robbed of its position as the eighth-largest in the nation.

San Diego dropped one spot this year, to ninth place, as Dallas took over the No. 8 spot, the report shows.

The population of San Diego has dwindled to 1,279,329 as of July 2008. Dallas isn’t too far ahead, however, beating out our beachy borough by fewer than 600 people.

For decades, San Diego's story was about growth. In 1970, the city was listed at 14th, growing in 10 years to the eighth largest U.S. city.

Though it seems as if we are on a steady decline, the city's population grew last year by 1.5 percent -- faster than Dallas’ 1.1 percent. This gives us hope that we will one day retake that other Southwestern city.

New York, Los Angeles and Chicago held down the Top 3 spot as America's most populous cities.

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