Squid Run Is ‘Best in 20 Years'

There’s a traffic jam off the coast of La Jolla this week. A seasonal run of squid drew the large number of fishing boats and kayaks starting last Wednesday.

One blogger calls this the best showing of squid off La Jolla in over 20 years. As of Friday night, fishing boats from San Pedro and Oxnard had hauled in 100 ton of squid headed to the market for some tasty calamari.

The squid draws in what’s known as “light boats” – they carry bright illumination that helps attract the squid. Then, seiners follow to bring in the catch.

Right behind the seiners are the kayakers who aren’t looking for squid but for the yellowtail, according to the La Jolla Light.

One local fisherman captured a 53-pound yellowtail from his kayak that took him about 30 minutes to reel in.

This phenomenon isn’t new but rather an annual attraction to this section of our coastline. As one blogger describes it, the squid spawning “around Spring Break” provides an excellent dive that you’ll never regret.


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