‘It's Beautiful': Snow Piles Up on Mount Laguna

The area is expecting 6-14 inches in the next day or so

El Nino rains that flooded through San Diego Wednesday turned to beautiful white snow as it passed over the county's eastern mountains.

Starting at 5,000 feet, the snow began to fall Wednesday evening and is expected to continue through late Thursday. Meteorologists predict the Mount Laguna area will get six to 14 inches in all.

Snow plows stayed busy through the night, trying to keep Sunrise Highway clear. The county of San Diego says if you plan to visit the mountains, you must have snow chains.

A number of people made the eastern trek Wednesday, including Carlsbad resident Ken Kouns.

"It's fun and it's beautiful," he said. "It's a break from flooding going on in San Diego, and it's really I think, it's great. Finally we can look forward to the drought having a dent put in it."

Kouns said his 13-year-old boy loves to play in the snow and chase after animals he may see.

The Haney family brought firewood from their San Diego home to keep them warm at night.

They also brought their sled for some daytime fun with their 4-year-old daughter.

"It's fun; it's fun, very fun," said Louis Haney. "We're loving it. Honestly it's the bomb."

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