Robbery Victim Recalls Details of Attack

The Mission Beach man was beaten and tied up for hours

Mission Beach resident Richard Wakefield thought it was strange when two men wearing masks knocked on his door on Sunday night around 8 p.m.   "I thought it was a joke," said Wakefield.  But it wasn't a joke. 

 According to Wakefield, two men armed with a knife and a gun tied him to a chair inside his home on Tangiers Court.  The men  blindfolded him, duct taped his mouth and then ransacked his home. 

"They yelled at me "where's the money, and we're going to hurt you," he said. 

After about 30 minutes the men took Richard's wallet and a knapsack.  "Before they left, they hit me three times, just to be mean," said Wakefield. 

Bloody and bruised, he was still tied up to the chair and lying sideways on the ground.  For more than two hours he tried to break free, but couldn't.  Then he felt something on the ground.  It turned out to be a black pouch with a knife inside of it. 

Wakefield was able to use the knife to cut the strings that held his hands to the chair.  He believes the black pouch was inside a drawer, and one of the robbers must have thrown it on the ground, not knowing  there was a knife inside of it. 

San Diego police investigators are looking for the men. Wakefield said the men only got away with a small amount of money. 

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