Printer Creates Vanity Nails


Using a new printer, you can take pictures of your family and put them right onto your fingernails in just seconds.

The new technology, one of those unveiled at the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, is called the Nail Printer.

"Tailor it to whatever you want to see on your nail," said company spokesperson Chengbin Su. "The machine's most important function is you can customize everything for yourself."

You can print up to 400 detailed designs on your nails including your company logo, or even photos of your entire family. Father on the thumb, mother on the pointer finger - you get the idea.

The printer is portable and in the demonstration on the convention floor, the transfer of a photo to nail took all of 40 seconds.

The technology has been around in China for the last six years, but just now available here. Cost? Just $800.

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