Out-of-Control Car Slams Semi

CHP: 2 men flee accident scene

A car slammed into a semi-truck causing a huge snarl in the morning commute early Monday.

It happened on state Route 54, just east of Reo Drive in Paradise Hills. One person was taken to the hospital, while two others ran from the scene. Police are still looking for the two men, wanting to know why they fled.

The California Highway Patrol said it all started around 5 a.m. when witnesses spotted an out-of-control Toyota Camry.  CHP Officer Brian Wauschek said, "The vehicle was at a high speed traveling westbound weaving in and out of traffic according to witnesses."

Suddenly the car rear-ended a semi. The crash blocked the far right lane and the Reo Drive off-ramp was closed for more than an hour. The driver of the semi was OK, but the Camry's driver was rescued from the car and taken to Mercy hospital with major injuries.

CHP officers say the man admitted to drinking and doing ecstasy before getting behind the wheel.  If blood tests come back positive, he could be arrested. Witnesses said two other men were in the car.  They reported seeing them running from the scene.

Inside the Camry, they found two guns -- one which they said was stolen. Now they're trying to track down it's owner and continue to search for the missing men.

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