Man Hustled ‘Crap' Not Bargains

"Mega-Liquidation Club" caught operating without a license

San Diegans who paid money to check out the bargains at the San Diego Convention Center in January complained about what they found inside.

The ads promise in-dash car TV's for $79, laptop computers for $199 and DVD players for $15. But angry customers say those deals were nowhere to be found, once they paid the $8 admission charge and actually saw the merchandise.

In the days after the sale, promoter Bruno Vick defended his business, saying he carefully checks his advertisements every day, to make sure the advertised items are actually on sale.

Vick said if any advertised item sells out, he posts signs inside the community concourse alerting customers about the lack of those items.

County law enforcement investigated the owner of the “Close-Out Sale”, Bruno Vick, and found he was operating the business illegally.

Wednesday, Vick pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of advertising and operating the sale without a license.

His punishment? Three years of probation, a $1,000 fine, and he won’t be advertising a "Close Out" sale in the city of San Diego again without first applying for and obtaining the proper license.

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