For Lease: Sign of the Times

Local community concerned over commercial vacancies

Home and business owners in Tierrasanta voiced their frustrations at the rising number of commercial vacancies Friday.

The small suburban San Diego community has three main shopping centers with at least 15 vacancies, said Tierrasanta Community Council President Scott Hasson. 

"We've lost so many stores and if we don't try to put an end to it, how many more of these stores are going out of business?" said Hasson. 

Neighboring shop owners say it hurts their businesses when they are surrounded by vacant store fronts and many are concerned about a possible domino effect on their already struggling bottom lines. 

Tierrasanta home owners, many who have lived here for three decades, say it's sad to see so many vacancies and that it can also impact community morale.  "When different places go out of businesses, it takes us out of Tierrasanta to go shopping.  It's not good for the community, so I would rather support the community," said Tierrasanta homeowner Sally Ebatt.

Increased concern over vacancies is why Hasson and other leaders have formed a committee to look into what kinds of services and businesses locals want.  Hasson says they're trying to figure out what locals are leaving for and are working with the local strip mall owners to attract those businesses.  Hasson hopes that by attracting businesses that can thrive, the community will thrive as well.

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