County Officials Break Ground on Cajon Air Center at Gillespie Field Airport

The Cajon Air Center at Gillespie Field Airport went from plan to project on Monday as County Officials broke ground on the first phase of construction.

Carrying an estimated $6,500,000 price tag, the Cajon Air Center project includes construction of an underground basin, drainage improvements, and a new apron area and taxiways. Additionally, 55 acres of land will be made available for private development of aviation facilities.

Elements of the first phase of the project include construction of the basin and grading work for the aviation-use lots.

“Gillespie Field Airport today directly generates $400 million annually with 3,200 jobs,” County Supervisor Dianne Jacob said. “Once this project is complete the figures are expected to grow to $530 million in direct annual revenue and 4,190 jobs.”

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) offered a 90 percent match for total project cost the first phase, while the rest of the funding comes from the County’s Airport Enterprise Fund.

According to the County Communications Office, timing and phasing of the remaining project elements will depend on the FAA’s funding priorities.

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