BAE Systems Dedicates New Dry Dock

BAE Systems Ship Repair in Barrio Logan dedicated its new dry dock and revealed its name during a ceremony on Feb. 11. The 950-foot floating repair facility will be called the Pride of California.

The facility dramatically increased BAE’s ship repair capacity, joining the company’s smaller, 568-foot dry dock, called the Pride of San Diego.

BAE Systems, a defense contracting giant based in the United Kingdom, will put its new dry dock to work next week when it will place the USS New Orleans into the facility for $36 million worth of maintenance and repairs. Additional work could bring the value of the deal to $51.6 million. Work will conclude in March 2018. The New Orleans is an amphibious transport dock of the San Antonio class, which carries U.S. Marines and their landing craft.

The new BAE dry dock was manufactured in Qingdao, along China’s northern coast, and towed to San Diego, arriving in early December.

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