Are Your Holiday Lights Safe?

When to replace your Christmas lights

For many, a big part of getting into the holiday spirit means stringing up lights - either inside or outside of the home. But some lights can be hazardous.

Consumer Reports has some advice this holiday season.  

If you’re still using the same holiday lights from years ago, they’re probably incandescent. And that means it’s a good idea to check them for safety.

You should check the wires and see if there is anything frayed. Make sure the plug is in good condition and make sure the wire is pliable, not brittle.

If some bulbs are out, Consumer Reports says it’s safe to replace them. 

But what if the lights just don’t work? CR says you can’t repair them. They can cause a fire.

Throw them away and consider LED lights for your holiday display. You can’t beat their efficiency. And, CR says they can last for a long time.

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