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Toilets Worth $700K



    Toilets Worth $700K
    Joe Belanger,

    San Diego city leaders approved a plan Tuesday to bring new public restrooms to downtown San Diego at the cost of $700,000.  

    The seven new public toilets would be stainless steel and solar powered, open 24-hours a day, 365 a year. Right now, the only public bathrooms are porta-potties.

    A spokesperson said the restrooms will be useful to the homeless and residents too, "The fact is, if you are on the streets, you need a place to use the bathroom, and the sidewalks are not the best place for that," said Jennifer Douglas, Executive Director of Girls Think Tank.

    "It's for everybody. Well put them in place that works for everybody including the downtown community," she said.

    The units are the same as the Portland Loos, where they have reportedly required very low maintenance costs.

    Final approval on the project will come back to San Diego's city council in October.