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Hells Angels Members Appear in Court

Judge denies most of the arrested Hells Angels members’ request for bail



    Hells Angels Members Appear in Court
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    Twenty-Six members of the Hells Angels motorcycle gang gathered in a federal courtroom Monday, but only one of the arrested individuals received a hearing.

    Martin Thomas Forschner, an alleged member of the gang, was one of the 26 individuals arrested Thursday.

    Evidence from a wiretap was brought forth in his hearing, which the prosecutor said showed him involved in a meth delivery at another defendant’s house. Forschner had served time in jail, and also had several instances where he failed to appear in court.

    However his attorney said that in the past five years since his release, he has behaved well, taking care of his wife and mother-and-law and working at an automotive repair shop. Still, with his record, the magistrate said that he still posed a risk of flight. He was ordered detained.

    FBI Busts 26 in San Diego Hells Angels Sweep

    [DGO] FBI Busts 26 in San Diego Hells Angels Sweep
    FBI agents in San Diego arrested 26 individuals with ties to the Hells Angels Motorcycle gang Thursday.
    (Published Friday, Sept. 30, 2011)

    Eleven others were given stipulated custody without bail at the hearing. The remaining suspects were delayed, and may be heard Thursday instead. One attorney told the family of a defendant that he would be asking for a later hearing, as the judge was in a “deny, deny, deny” mood.

    Police and FBI officials are still on the lookout for four fugitives who evaded arrest.