Wii Helps Heal Wee Patients

Rehab not new for hospitals, but grant makes it possible at Rady

Using a Wii for rehab isn't new for hospitals, but a grant has made it possible for children at Rady Children's Hospital. The hospital recently received a donation for $50,000 which it used to purchase new equipment for its physical therapy program.

Some of that donation was used to buy Wii games and a television monitor. Now, children recovering from broken bones, surgeries or other illnesses use the system to get out of bed and start moving again.

Anyone that has used a Wii knows that some of the programs like boxing, tennis and bowling can really give you a workout. The hospital allows the kids about an hour to use the Wii as part of their therapy program.

"It's a huge motivator for children," said Wendy Ahearn, a physical therapist assistant. "It's good to bring exercise into their lives using a medium they're used to."

The program was made possible by a donation from the late Cathy Hopper.

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