Viva La Celebration at Balboa Park

House of France opens its doors at Balboa Park for Bastille Day party

Start your Bastille Day celebration early at Balboa Park when the House of France throws a party July 12. Also known as the French Cottage, it's located at the House of  Pacific Relations at Balboa Park.

Enjoy French pastries, cakes, sandwiches and of course quiche at the "Libertte,  Egalite, Fraternite," event. The program will include musical presentations by local l French-American schools and the highlight, a French Can-Can performance beginning at 2 p.m.

"You can even try your hand at French Scrabble," says Shirley Saad, Vice-president of the House of France. Saad became involved eight years ago when her first grandchild was born. Since the House of France has a children's group that meets, she wanted her granddaughter to get involved. "I wanted her to learn French because we speak it everyday at home, " Saad adds.

"it should be a fun time. Normally we have 100-200 people pass through the House of France when it's open.  We expect a lot more because the weather is supposed to be nice," says Saad.

Oh and they also have English Scrabble too.

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