The Whole World in YOUR Hands

Interactive solar system lands in Balboa Park

Imagine being able to see the entire Earth in just a few seconds.  Not thinking big enough? Ok, how about Jupiter or Saturn; and while you're at it, what's up with all those cool rings and how do they stay in place around the Solar System's second largest planet?

The answers to these and countless other questions are waiting to be discovered at a new exhibit opening this weekend at the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center.

"Giant Worlds: A Voyage to the Outer Solar System" is a 3-D, interactive traveling show that's landed in Balboa Park and will stay grounded there until early May when it takes off and dares to go where no show has gone before (sorry trekies).

The 3500 square foot hands-on exhibit includes 20 individual stations that invite visitors to have some fun while learning all there is to learn about our biggest neighbors "out there".

To learn more about "Giant Worlds" link to the Science Center's web site.  You can also preview and get the schedules for the amazing movies now playing on the brand new "surround screen" at the center's I-Max.

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