So Cal and So Cool

Femme up your flippy floppies, go shopping in your bathing suit and show a little love for your hometown.

FLIRTY FLOP: If San Diego ever declared an official wardrobe staple, it would be the flip flop. They're comfortable, versatile and effortless, but they don't always look especially classy. Havaianas have taken everything you love about your flip flops and given them an extra splash of style in their Fit line, so you can wear them away from the sand without feeling like a beach bum. Pick them up at Macy's for $30.

NO SHIRT, NO SHOES: When's the last time you went shopping in your bathing suit without being asked to leave? The Rusty Del Mar Surf Shop (known as RDM to locals) won't turn you away, and you won't be alone. This is the original Rusty surf shop opened by industry legend Rusty Preisendorfer in 1987. Situated a block from the beach, they offer surfboards, wakeboards and related equipment as well as swimwear, Sanuk shoes, sunglasses and more. Check out their 50% off rack which currently features men's and women's clothing and wetsuits.

CALIFORNIA LOVE: If words can't describe how much you love America's Finest City, this necklace will help. The I Heart California necklace ($46) is made from fine silver. Other states are available and the heart can be placed over any part of California, but what other place would you really choose? Order yours from truche's Etsy shop.

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