Young Couple, 13 and 14, on the Run Found

After three days on the run, two peninsula teens were found huddled in the back seat of a car in a mall parking lot in a suburb of Denver.

They were cold and hungry, but safe.  The weather in the parking lot was about 5 degrees.

Los Altos police are coordinating with the parents and guardians of the teens for their speedy return to California. There are no criminal charges pending at this time, police said.

Thanks to an ATM camera picture taken in Grand Junction, police finally had some idea where to find a missing 14-year-old and his 13-year old girlfriend.

James Palmerson is from Los Altos. He met Roslyn Marshall from Saratoga less than 3 weeks ago.   But things got serious fast, at least according to her Facebook page, where there’s a picture of her with ‘I love James’ written on her hand.

Los Altos police say Palmerson took his grandfather’s gray 2005 Honda Civic and wallet, went to Marshall’s house, and sped away on Sunday.

No one was sure where the teens were until Tuesday, when they were snapped by an ATM camera as they tried to withdraw cash,

Marshall’s parents, and Palmerson’s grandparents claims neither has any reason to run away.

Police say they tried to track Palmerson through his cell phone account, but the phone has been turned off.

The teens had never been on a date and neither has a history of running away, but Palmerson's friends told police he had been packing things in a duffle bag and apparently planning for the past week or two to leave town.

A credit card and check card that were inside the grandfather's wallet have been canceled, and police have not been able to track the cell phone since Sunday.

Sgt. John Kurges said no one has been able to provide police with a reason for the teens to run away.

"We seem to be about two steps behind them," Kurges said.  That all changed Tuesday night.

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