‘Religulous' Defies Belief

A Normal Heights coffeehouse is set to screen political humorist Bill Maher's new documentary.

"Religulous" was directed by Larry Charles of "Borat" and "Curb Your Enthusiasm" fame. The documentary was written by  the anti-establishment author Bill Maher. Its a documentary that follows Maher around the world as he asks people of all stripes questions about religion and God

A screening of the controversial documentary is scheduled for 7p.m. at Lestat's Coffee House. 

One critic said the "debate" is too meanspirited and manipulative to be funny. It's also dishonest, said Susan Dunne of the "Hartford Courant," because, she said, Maher uses people as sounding boards for his contempt. 

On the flip side: "Rligulous" is a well-made film by a master comedian and satirist, according to Tom O'Neil of the L.A. Times

You be the judge. 

Visit Lestat's Coffee House's Web site for more information about the screening.

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