Rare Jewels

From Solana Beach to Coronado, ice down with edgy jewelry that no one else has.

ISLAND STYLE: Coronado isn't typically associated with blatant bling, which is what makes Luz that much more surprising. The jeweler creates one-of-a-kind rings in a signature, semi-square shape that are intricately detailed and peppered with jewels. Most pieces, including bracelets, cufflinks, necklaces and bridal sets, are priced upon request. Don't let that keep you from checking out the Luz Collection, which features interpretive, relationship-themed rings including the razor-studded Cheat.

GETTING WARMER: Jewelry is an investment, and Linda Rocco at Hot Rock Jewelry in Solana Beach will be the first to tell you so.  But she'll do it while singing to the showroom music and sharing her genuine love for gems and metals. All of the pieces in this store are thoughtfully chosen, from award-winning sets to Linda's personal collection of vintage 80's geometric earrings. Stop by to take in the lovely sights and enjoy the sparkling personalities.

OTHER-WORLDLY: You don't have to break the bank to brandish cool jewels, you just have to go to a different planet. Planet Silver is a kiosk in the Center Court of UTC mall that offers stellar jewelry from Italy and Israel at down-to-earth prices. Each piece is hand-picked by the owner himself, and his excellent taste has resulted in some very loyal customers. Visit them now (right next to Charles David) and ask about their sale on select items through Labor Day.

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