New Kids Back On The Block

Boy band makes tour stop in San Diego

If you hear people humming "The Right Stuff" today, you know where they were last night.

New Kids On The Block performed Tuesday night, at Cox Arena.

The New Kids recently confirmed their re-entrance into the world of pop music back in April, coming together for the first time after more than a decade. The group's international tour is to promote their newest CD, “The Block.”

The show started at 8:00 p.m. at San Diego State University’s Cox Arena with the "Boys" peforming their new single, um called "Single."

One insider tells us it was old school all the way. Eileen Tuscano gives us the play-by-play:

"They closed with Step By Step and Hangin' Tough, but they opened with the latest, Single.  They didn't come out with the same dance routines, but they also didn't forget the fan favorites. Jordan came out singing Baby I Believe in You in black slacks and a white, un-buttoned button down shirt, with a fan blowing on him just like the Step By Step stadium tour.  I liked that they incorporated the solo acts into the show. JK did Give It To You and Joey did Stay the Same.  They totally recognized who their audience was and acknowledged that their fans were really young 15-20 years ago but that they're (we're) grown up now.  Joey said, "Holy sh**."  Then he said, "Sh**."  Then he said something like, "I just said, 'Sh**.'  I bet you never thought you would hear words like that coming out of a New Kids' mouth.  I bet you never thought you would be drunk at a New Kids concert."    It was fun and you could tell that they were having fun too.  You could also tell that they genuinely believed that SD was the best crowd on this tour. "

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