Losing a Bet, It's the Pitts

Mayor Jerry Sanders lost a wager last week on the Chargers game.  Friday, he paid up.

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The stakes were high for last week's Chargers-Steelers NFL playoff game.  Although they were electrifying early and late, the Chargers just didn't have enough juice.

Friday morning Sanders wore a Steelers jersey and hat and posed for photos in the Penguin Encounter at SeaWorld. Photos from the shoot will be sent to Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl to honor Sanders' end of the friendly wager.

If the Chargers had won, Ravenstahl would have had to pose for a photo in Chargers swim trunks, holding a surfboard in front of one of Pittsburgh's three rivers.

"That's the bad part," Mayor Sanders said Friday.  "I mean we were looking forward to seeing him in a bathing suit on the banks of a frozen river with a surfboard in Pittsburgh.  Unfortunately he's not having to do that."

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