LA Band's Belongings Stolen Outside of Soda Bar

Launder have $5,000 worth of stuff stolen the evening of their show in San Diego

On July 5, Launder, the Los Angeles-based lo-fi guitar pop project of John Cudlip (featuring Diiv's Zachary Cole Smith), had a laptop, cash, two cameras, a wallet, a hard drive and car keys stolen outside of Soda Bar the evening of their show.

The damage? About $5,000. In an effort to recoup some of that loss, Cudlip has launched a GoFundMe with a fundraising goal that's just half of that.

"We are trying to raise only half of this since we know times are tough on everyone," the GoFundMe description reads.

Luckily, a surveillance camera captured a still of the thief riding away on a bicycle in front of the venue. 

"Below is a photo of the person who lifted things from behind the venue. Any donations or leads about the suspect would greatly help get us back on our feet," the GoFundMe continues.

So far, Launder have managed to raise $1,005 of their $2,500 goal, but it would obviously be ideal to capture the suspect and get their things back. So, I think it's time we call in our own Seal Team Six to set up another sting.

If you'd like to donate to Launder's GoFundMe to help them get back on their feet, visit the fundraiser here. Otherwise, maybe just buy their music?

Rutger Ansley Rosenborg has been an Associate Editor at NBC SoundDiego since 2016. Find out more here, or contact him here.

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