L'Auberge Del Mar: Win, Place, Show Package

If you'll be cheering the horses at Del Mar Thoroughbred Club, consider a swanky stay not too faraway.

A SOLID NIGHT OF EXCELLENT SLEEP, the kind where you tuck into a number of plump pillows while lounging upon a freshly made bed, will always prepare you for whatever you have going on the following day. Yes, we went with "always" there, very firmly and with no apologies, for you've likely read a dozen articles in recent months suggesting, advising, and all-out cajoling people to commit to more and better sleep for a better next day. ("All-out cajoling" isn't advisable for many things in this life, but, in the realm of sleep, it kind of works.). And if you intend to root for a particular horse the following day, at an historic race track, complete with cheering that horse and jockey on, all while craning your neck for a better glimpse, and holding up a pair of binoculars to your eyes, and leaping up and down as your duo crosses the finish line, a sweet snooze at a place not too far from the track sounds like just the ticket. Take...

L'AUBERGE DEL MAR... for example, a luxe-lively, ocean-adjacent resort that's a few minutes drive from Del Mar Thoroughbred Club. You can bet that during the club's summertime season the hotel is hopping with mane mavens, those horsey hullabaloo seekers who want a few sound zzzs near the oval. To welcome those pony people, the hotel is once again offering a package called Win, Place, Show. Book it and enjoy a swanky room for two, for one night, plus a pair of cocktails called Off to the Races. Will you also get a lift to the track and back? Giddy up (translation: you got it). And if you jumped up and down a bit too much at the club, all in support of your pony, would a $150 credit at the spa come in handy? Those aches could use a little TLC. The price kicks off — or hoofs off? — at $456, and you'll want to have a bit extra for tax and tips, too. Ready to saddle up for a sweet snooze in clip-clopping distance, or nearly, of Del Mar Thoroughbred Club? Then clip-clop to the L'Auberge Del Mar site for more information on the July 20 through Sept. 4 special.

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