Home Office Pizazz

Convert space at home into an efficient, stylish office

In this tough economy, a lot of people are turning to their homes for work space or to set up an office. But turning that area of your house or apartment can be a challenge if you don't do it right. 

 "Keeping your work zone comfortable, yet practical and chic is the key to successfully creating an office that can help you reach your goals," says designer Brandon Neff. "Knowing how to effectively lay out your room is key."

So Neff, who owns Brandon Neff Designs has some easy, affordable tips to make that office space not only workable but stylish.

  • Stay focused--Keep clutter to a minimum by choosing colorful storage boxes.
  • Go for color--Greens, soft blues and yellows invigorate and increase imagination and focus.
  • Dim lights--Get a dimmer to help control lighting from day to evening. Use halogen bulbs which mimic natural light.
  • Make it personal--Surround yourself with photographs and mementos that make you smile.

Do double duty--If your office serves as a guest/media/dining area, then choose furniture that serves two purposes. For example, smaller scale sofas that double as sleepers.

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