Hair 2.0

Diesel Salon offers an iPhone app for instant gratification

Diesel Salon has put an iPhone application in place, apparently a first for a San Diego salon.

How does that affect your life and, more important for some, your hair? Now, if you espy a hairstyle or -cut you like, you can immediately schedule an appointment to get it through your phone.

True stories: A woman was watching the movie “Bride Wars” and wanted to get her bangs done like Kate Hudson’s. A dude saw Dr. McDreamy on “Grey’s Anatomy” and wanted his hair to be that dreamy, too. Both picked up their iPhones and immediately scheduled Diesel appointments.

Diesel is a 2,600-square-foot modern salon with 12 stylists and more than 4,500 clients. The Kensington shop has been owned by Kyle and Candice Buckett (she’s the lead stylist) since 2006. Kyle said the technology has netted the salon about 25 new clients.

“It’s a pretty basic model: You can schedule appointments, find our services, use e-mail and get directions,” Kyle said. “People are very positive about it. The only negative is that some don’t like getting the confirmation e-mail on their computer -- they would rather get it on their phone.”

Kyle said he would leave the app as it is through the summer and see if catches on or needs to be modified.

Many believe phone apps are the next wave of information technology. Perhaps Carrie Fisher was prescient when she wrote in “Postcards From the Edge” that “instant gratification takes too long.” Of course, nobody better be thinking of getting their hair cut to match Fisher’s famous “Star Wars” ’do.

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