Do You Hulu?

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Do you have Hulu in your favorites? It's now the second most-popular video website in the United States behind YouTube. 

It's a site that offers free movies and television shows on line including episodes of "The Office", "Family Guy", "Saturday Night Live" and "30 Rock."  Movies on the site include everything from "Lawrence of Arabia" to "Sideways."

Hulu marked its first anniversary Friday and NBC Universal President and CEO Jeff Zuker couldn't be prouder.  "We knew this could be a real game-changer, and the past year has shown that our enthusiasm for Hulu was certainly well justified," said Zuker in an e-mail announcement.

The NBC Universal-News Corp. joint venture lets users watch full-length TV shows and movies for free in exchange for watching some  ads. 

The site streams more than a thousand different shows to a growing audience of nearly 25 million users a month.  The number of advertising partners has grown from 30 to more than 175.

Now the site is adding a social-networking service.  You will be able to invite friends from your e-mail, Facebook and MySpace accounts and then see a feed of what your friends have been watching or commenting on.

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