Class Struggle

Some school foundations, parent organizations pay for teachers, other workers

City schools are mulling what to do about parent organizations that are paying for some teachers and other school workers out of their own pockets, according to a published report.

School foundations and other groups with deeper pockets are paying for employees to help make up for the effects of budget cuts imposed over the last few years; there are communities, however, that cannot financially duplicate those efforts. The practice has raised questions, including whether the district will be responsible to the employees if the local funds dry up, reported the Another issue: The workers are often hired at lower salaries than the district’s unionized staffers, which could create a conflict for the district.

At Tuesday’s school board meeting, supporters of the practice turned out, concerned that the board was about to end their ability to hire outside workers. In the end, the board voted to have the district work with the parent organizations to create a policy for SDUSD.

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