CityFest Prep

CityFest 2009 is this Sunday in Hillcrest. Celebrate the lighting of the Hillcrest sign with some bright blues, soft satchels and pool party pieces.

CITY STRUT: CityFest is all about lighting the Hillcrest sign, so brighten up your clothing in the spirit of it all. These Lucky Zoe Jeans in Arctic Teal are an easy way to cool off any ensemble, and they're on sale at select Lucky stores and online for $57.50.

PURE JOY: Just down the street from the celebrated sign is Pure Boutique: a cute, quiet shop offering simple yet funky tops, dresses, and casual wear for men. They also boast some unique handbags, including a colorful collection of Maruca Design pieces. Each one is handmade from one-of-a-kind fabric and patterns, and they range in price from $15 to $65.

POOLS RULE: You wouldn't normally sport a swimsuit in Hillcrest, but you'll be sorry if you DIDN'T when you pass by the pool party at Babycakes. Buy a new suit for the occasion at The Bikini Shoppe in Mission Beach, where they are currently offering 25-50% off select bikinis and beachwear. They also have a bikini rack of orphaned separates where you can buy one piece for $15 or two for $20, and you'll get a free beach towel if you spend $75 or more. For the gentlemen, walk to any of the neighboring stores and snag a new pair of swim trunks or board shorts for less than $15.

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