Chargers Vs. Raiders — in 3-D

Event will test NFL's latest hi-tech idea

How could football get any better than HD?  How about 3-D?

Next week's game between the San Diego Chargers and the Oakland Raiders will be broadcast live in 3-D to theaters in Los Angeles, New York and Boston, the Wall Street Journal reported Monday.  It is a preliminary step on what is likely a long road to any regular 3-D broadcasts of football games.

The idea is a "proof of concept," Howard Katz, NFL senior vice president of broadcasting and media operations told the WSJ.
"We want to demonstrate this and let people get excited about it and see what the future holds," Katz said.

Tickets aren't open to the general public.  Instead, several hundred guests at the three participating theaters Dec. 4 will include representatives from the NFL's broadcasting partners and from consumer-electronics companies, the report said.

Read more in the article, "Coming at You! NFL Looks at 3-D" in the Wall Street Journal.

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