What to Do in a Chargers' Blackout

Got the blackout blues? You have some options

As all Bolts fans are most likely already aware, the Chargers’ game on Sunday is a blackout due to lower-than-normal ticket sales. The NFL has decided to black out the game within a 75-mile radius of the stadium, as well as those areas whose television reaches within that 75-mile zone. So if you want to see the game, you’d have to go to Yuma or Santa Barbara.

Most fans aren’t too happy about not being able to watch the first home game of the season from the comfort of their living room so some of them have resulted in buying the pricey tickets -- around 80 bucks a pop -- just to see the play-by-play.

“Yeah, [it upsets me that the fans haven’t stepped up] and I think maybe last week’s game had a lot to do with it. But hey, you just gotta support your home team so that’s why I’m here,” fan Carmen Castro said.

Along with Castro was one mother buying tickets for her son’s birthday.

“We were just going to have some people over on Sunday and watch the game and celebrate, but since it’s a blackout, I’m here to buy tickets. We thought about it for a while because tickets are so expensive and that’s really the reason we don’t come to many games anymore,” said Irene Anderson.

So, the state of the economy and high-ticket prices might have something to do with the blackout. What to do if you just don’t have the funds to buy a home opener ticket? Some tech-savvy Bolts fans had some ideas...

  • Slingbox” is a website where you can watch TV on your computer so you just might be able to find the game there.
  • One fan even suggested Skype-ing with someone who has the game on TV and watching it through that third-party medium. Although the quality won’t be terrific, it’s better than no game at all, right?
  • Of course, if you know someone in an area that the game is being shown, you can always head there to see it.

You should note the NFL is monitoring all of these loop holes very closely.

The Chargers’ next game is against AZ and still has 12,000 tickets available so we could be looking at two straight blackouts.

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