Cake Never Tasted This Good

Impress your date by creating a Coconut Porter Beer Float.

Take a little vanilla bean ice cream and scoop it into a tall pilsner glass, filling it up as far as possible. Top it off with roasted coconut. Then add the most important ingredient, a coconut porter beer created by the Maui Brewing Company.

The recipe is thanks to Extraordinary Desserts in Little Italy. The popular dessert spot added the beer float to their regular menu just recently and decided in honor of San Diego Beer Week to add even more brewery-inspired delicacies to their list of specials.

Customers can enjoy warm French apple pie with St. Peter’s Cream Stout ice cream. Or sample the chocolate stout beer cake.

If the idea of mixing beer with sweets is too much, the café also offers a beer and cheese pairing.

Extraordinary Dessert is using two kinds of beers for the desserts but have about 12 available to customers.

“We try and rotate as much as possible, try to use as many breweries around San Diego as possible,” said manager Kelley Gladstone. “We’re big on biodynamic and sustainable products so we have a few beers from Stone, we have sort of a mix.”

The folks of Extraordinary Desserts say the festival celebrating local breweries is helping business a bit.

“It’s bringing a lot more people in here than I expected,” Gladstone said. “A lot of people in San Diego are enjoying Beer Week.”

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