Company Drops ‘Lucky Penny' in San Diego Worth $1K to Finder

Find a penny, pick it up. All day long, you have good luck.

An online financial services firm is taking that adage to the next level with a nationwide “lucky penny” challenge.

The company Ally has started the competition that drops a “lucky penny” somewhere in 10 cities, including San Diego. The people who find the lucky pennies in each city are eligible to win $1,000.

The lucky pennies carry a copper color like real pennies, but feature the Detroit-based bank's logo instead of Abraham Lincoln's head. The flip side of the coin lists its value at 100,000 cents.

The company is offering a clue through social media and online to find the pennies. You can find daily clues by clicking here.

A spokeswoman for Ally said there are no hidden fees or requirements for sign-ups. She said the company simply wants to shed light on thrifty spending.

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