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On Its (Yummy) Way: Disney Food & Wine Festival

Top-notch chef demos, a trio of dessert presentations, and other appetizing happenings will sizzle at Disney California Adventure.



    On Its (Yummy) Way: Disney Food & Wine Festival
    Disneyland Resort
    Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival returns March 2 to April 12, 2018. The popular festival will bring delicious cuisine, specialty beverages and exciting entertainment to guests of all ages visiting Disney California Adventure Park. With new experiences happening daily through the six-week event, guests will always find something tasty to try and fun to do as they explore the uniquely Disney festival. Guests may check for additional information as it becomes available at Disneyland.com. (Disneyland Resort)

    UNHAND THAT CHURRO? We'd never dare suggest such a thing. After all, a visit to Disneyland Resort doesn't seem complete without eating one's favorite goodies, and we very much meant that to be plural, not singular. For dedicating yourself to just churros is a difficult thing to do, especially when there are dill pickles and Dole whips and buckets of popcorn and caramel-covered apples to also enjoy. But saving room for other delicious foodstuffs while in Anaheim? You absolutely should, if you happen to be at Disney California Adventure during its annual Food & Wine Festival. For that's when a whole plethora of other non-churro, non-Dole whip bites pop up, and a line-up of cooking demonstrations and special foodie events, too. And the 2018 plateful party is coming up, at the very start of March, so best plan your edible-oriented Orange County getaway beginning on...

    FRIDAY, MARCH 2: That's opening day for the festival, and it turns off the stoves and pans and ovens on April 12, 2018. But during that sizable, nearly-six-week-long run? Oh, such tempting choices await, including Sweet Sundays, a happening that includes "3 dessert-focused presentations and tastings," and dinners that have a winemaker or brewmaster at the helm (and the interesting food/libation pairings you'd expect on such a night). Culinary demos? Oh, yeah, those are quite plentiful, too, so best let your buds know you're headed to Disney California Adventure to pick up some cooking tips. They might ask you "...uh, surely you mean churro-eating tips?" And you can nod and say, "yes, those, too." For of course you'll visit your favorite foods while there — no one would expect otherwise — but for tips, tastings, and something a little extra in the field of edible-amazing creation, best plan some time spent at this famous food fest, too.