Drive a Muscle Car in Vegas

Vroom-vroom at the wheel of a sleek machine.

SLEEK 'N MEAN: Ever gone to another city, for work or a wedding or just your basic vacation, and spent a few hours driving a car that wasn't your own? Yep, we probably all have at some point. What make and model was it? Do you remember? Was it a 2013 Corvette Z06? Or a 2014 Camaro Z1? In short, was it sleek, a little tough-looking, and pure muscle-car vroom? Probably not. But things change up on this motor matter in Las Vegas (as things change on practically every matter in Las Vegas). Nope, you can't go to the counter at the airport and pick up the newest make of muscle car -- or we don't think you can as of yet -- but you can get a lift over to World Class Driving on Dean Martin Boulevard and spend some quality time behind the wheel of a Corvette.

AND A CAMARO AND A... Shelby and a Dodge Challenger. The driving experience company just introduced muscle cars to its line-up of auto outings last month. How it works is this: You go out for a guided tour through Red Rock Canyon -- yep, those roads are mighty pigtail-y around those parts -- and enjoy being at the controls of a Shelby GT500 or other newer muscle car. You can go one step further and book four cars for your driving day, taking in a larger feel of the fleet. Packages start at $299 per person, while the four-car experience -- that's got "XL" in its name, of course -- kicks off at $399.

VEGAS AND VROOM: Oh, dear LV. You and your desire to put people in offbeat seats, be they in a muscle car, in front of a slot machine, at the front row of an extreme magic show, or at the controls of a bulldozer. Wait. You totally know you can operate a bulldozer in Las Vegas, too? If it is a machine, and it goes, look to Sin City for the key to the ignition. It is probably there.

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