Bark Friday at Del Mar Thoroughbred Club

Going to see the ponies after T Day? Help a hound in need.

FRIDAY FURRY: When you turn your carriage for the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club, and clip-clop in the direction of the track, you can pretty dependably count on seeing some gorgeous, mane-marvelous, four-legged wonders during your day out. What you don't count on quite as much? That your day might be a bit about dogs as well. The ocean-close landmark, which is currently near the close of its Bing Crosby Season, traditionally does it up over the Thanksgiving holiday, with both a Family Mile Fun Run on Thursday and special events throughout the holiday weekend. Things get a bit furrier on Friday when the track partners with the Helen Woodward Animal Center's AniMeals Program, a powerhouse partnership that is both a sweet seasonal gift for people who want to save some money to see the ponies and for area pups needing good food. The giveback upshot? Show with "a donation of unopened pet food" on Friday, Nov. 27 and receive free admission to the hooves-a-flyin' races. And, yes, if you're wondering if this whole shebang is indeed called "Bark Friday," you bet it is.

ANIMEALS PROGRAM: If you're not familiar with AniMeal, you likely do know Meals-on-Wheels, a food-delivery drive which inspired the Rancho Santa Fe animal center to create a supplementary service for pets. "In 1984, a volunteer with the Meals-on-Wheels program discovered one of her clients was sharing her delivered food with her cat." The volunteer approached the Helen Woodward Animal Center, and AniMeals was born. "Often the pets of these clients are the only family they have, and a nutritious meal for their furry friend means the world to them." Today, over 250 pets per week are fed via AniMeals. It's a moving backstory, and an important program to support, both for the beasties and the humans they adore (and who adore them back). If you can't make Del Mar Thoroughbred Club on Bark Friday, you can get involved in the program, which is on all year long and is forever open to donations and support.

AND IF YOU ARE DOING THE FUN RUN... on Thanksgiving, know that the Helen Woodward Animal Center is also involved, with several sweet animal-helping things afoot during the morning. Need more info? Clip-clop this way.

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