A Hound-Happy Hornblower Kind of Day

A San Diego boatline opens up the gangplank to our pup pals.

DOGS ALLOWED: There was a day, maybe twenty or thirty years ago, when seeing a dog out at a restaurant, in the outdoor area, was a more unusual thing. Not today, though, right? Our pups trail us just about everywhere, serving as our comfort-giving companions and as approachable ambassadors to the world at large. (How many more people stop and chat with you when you are with your French Bulldog or Lab? The number always goes up.) But there are still some SoCal arenas where dog-less humans dominate. One prominent one is the ocean. Sure, the captains of 19th-century novels very often had their best guard and hound at their side, but barkers on boats, as a rule, isn't really a trend in any sense of the word, with a few exceptions. One? Pet Day on the Bay, the springtime San Diego sail from Hornblower Cruises. And it's furry fall-time companion, the Bow Wow Brunch Cruise. Oh, you know brunch cruises, right? All the eggy goodness of a land-based breakfast but with waves and harbor seal-sightings thrown in the mix. Imagine enjoying that all, but with your pup.

AND IT IS HAPPENING... on Sunday, Oct. 20. The 5th outing of this sup-n-sail is called "the only dog friendly San Diego brunch cruise anywhere!" so trust that people who like to go places with their furry ones show. Not only show, but the dogs are very often in costumes, some with a nautical theme. Please -- this is an Instagrammer's dream. It's also a dream of those who want to help out dogs in need. The Helen Woodward Animal Center will receive some of the proceeds.

AS FOR THE MEAL? Let's call it "brunch classic." Bubbly, breakfasty items, and a buffet just for the four-footers will be on board. And the cruise itself? It's two hours. Just enough time to see some sights and have some Champagne but you'll be back before your animal pal gets antsy. Cost is seventy bucks, with some additionals, and there are notes about what you need to know before arriving with your pup.

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