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Today's Forecast



    Today's Forecast

    Still dry, clear and thankfully calm conditions tonight across all 4 forecast zones.  Cool temps will bring much needed relief tonight.

    Dense fog advisory in effect until 10 AM this morning. Be careful on the roads! his could impact travel along portions of
      Interstates 5 and 405 in Orange County and Interstates
      5...15...and 805 in San Diego County. There could be early
      morning flight delays.Gusty in the mountains and the deserts. Otherwise, warm and mostly sunny day ahead.

    First Alert Forecast: OVERNIGHT Monday

    Coast: Mostly clear - mid 60's

    Valleys: Mostly clear - low to mid 50's

    Mountains: Mostly clear - low to mid 50's

    Deserts: Mostly clear - mid 60's to low 70's